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About The Cat

The Cat was born  in the small country of Milkolovia  around about his birthday and definitely sometime before he was 1. He was born the son of Elusive VonBatCat who is famed for going missing in action during the First World Paw. He was remarkably discovered on the day of the final armistice sheltering in a downtown bordello and gained a military citation for defending the virginity (from everyone else) of the incumbent kitties.

This lead to the birth of The Cat to a resident of this house, namely Phelinia Purdita HardCastle (…..that’s another story).

At a young age The Cat showed an early talent for art forming the basis of his “Crayon on Skirting Board” and “Say It With Kitty Litter” periods. As such his supportive parents sent him to Military School???

This definitely did not suit the cat and by the second term having only gained merits in Retreat & Avoidance along with Advanced Camouflage Tactics, He went AWOL.  As to his merits they may well have been the reason that he was not discovered missing until the end of the second year.

He was discovered living under the name of Alowicious P Snodgrass and supporting himself by becoming a pavement artist, which had the unfortunate side effect of him being interned in a state run mental institution on two separate occasions mainly due to his use of “natural materials” ?

This wasn’t helped by the charges raised against The Cat…… as to “how much Catnip is acceptable for personal use?” Luckily The Cat was well supported in this matter by the legal firm of Collar, Bowles and Bell Solicitors, which resulted in all charges being dropped. (And a complimentary ball of string being issued as compensation)

After a brief period of rehabilitation The Cat continued with his “Art?” A sample of which is contained within the site. The Cat continues to express himself through this media up until the present day.

As part of the Cat Care in the Community programme he is  supported through his numerous lapses into Dark Places and Unsuitable Content by John Brayshaw as part of his ongoing charitable acts.